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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Acting Degree Program Miami

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Overview of our BFA in Acting

New York Film Academy South Beach’s BFA in Acting for Film is an eight-semester conservatory-based, full-time study program. The curriculum is designed to immerse gifted and energetic prospective actors in all aspects of the discipline. New York Film Academy South Beach’s BFA Acting degree program provides a creative setting which challenges, inspires, and hones the talents of its student body. Students follow an intensive curriculum to achieve multiple learning goals that include establishing a solid foundation in the essentials of acting, learning how to make the transition to acting on stage to acting in front of a camera, and understanding the professional skills one needs to achieve her or his goals as an actor. Our Miami location offers a culturally rich and diverse background in which students can explore and perform.

Learning Objectives

Our prescribed eight-semester acting curriculum serves to address the following core competencies:

  • Performance: Demonstrate the ability to create a fully articulated, believable performance in scenes exhibiting emotional depth, appropriate for actors’ physical type and age range in both stage and screen.
  • Literature: Provide critical analysis of the global standard of literature for film and theatre, demonstrating an advanced understanding of the vocabulary, history, and writing trends within the industry.
  • Production: Demonstrate an understanding of, and basic competency in the technical film/video production skills and standards relevant to today’s film and television industry.
  • Kinesthetic Expression: Demonstrate technical mastery in the selection and execution of movement, gesture, and vocal elements, which reveal the subtext and intention of a character.
  • Business: Demonstrate critical analysis by researching the industry for their own marketing niche and create a personalized business plan to meet their vocational objectives.
  • Synthesis: Evaluate the core training skills practiced and synthesize these into the formation of a unique artistic product (vision) allowing for continued growth within the industry.
Overall, the first six semesters concentrate on developing the tools required to create a believable character through narrative in a given environment under imaginary circumstances. The final two semesters concentrate on refining these tools for use in film/video projects and to prepare students for their pursuit of a career in the entertainment industry.

In addition to their acting coursework, students also must complete a requisite amount of courses in the Liberal Arts & Sciences known as Foundation Studies. Courses taught in the area of Foundation Studies focus on communications, analysis, and deductive reasoning. Students practice critical thinking, scholarly research, writing, and reading. These courses build a foundation for more specialized subjects requiring advanced written and oral communication skills in later semesters. The skills mastered will also prepare students for the advanced coursework of constructing an authentic voice in their production projects. Coursework in Physical and Mental Wellness provides focus on the theory and the practice of lifelong wellness in a stressful industry.

Degree Program Objectives

In addition to providing a solid base of collegiate-level general education and specified upper-level knowledge, the educational objectives in the BFA Acting for Film Degree Program are to teach students the art and craft of acting and to instruct students through a strict regimen consisting of lectures, seminars, and total immersion workshops to excel in the creative art of acting for film.

Semester Breakdown

Students can expect the following learning objectives, challenges, and assignments from each semester at our Miami location’s BFA Acting program.

  • 1st Semester: During the first semester, students will develop a foundational understanding of the major tools and techniques used by the actor. The student is introduced to voice and speech work as expressive components of character creation. They will also learn the relationship between their physical and emotional life and apply these discoveries to acting choices. The first semester is also when students begin their courses in the arts and humanities and the social and behavioral sciences, which will continue throughout the course of their BFA studies.
  • 2nd Semester: In the second semester, students will build upon what they learned in semester one. Technique studies continue with in-depth exploration of Sanford Meisner’s powerful approach. Film Craft I introduces students hands-on to the full breadth of the industry, from project inception through shooting to screening. Acting for Film I provides intensive practice in on-camera acting technique.
  • 3rd Semester: The third semester provides further training with Acting Technique II, which will help to develop the instincts actors will use throughout their training and careers. Movement II further primes the physical instrument to be pliable and expressively specific. Acting for Film II builds on the techniques explored in semester one.
  • 4th Semester: Students continue to cultivate their acting skills in the medium of Scripted TV, with parallel studies in Comedy and Improvisation and the exploration of the Psychology of Acting. Shakespeare helps to build a solid context in dramatic arts with which students will inform their studies in subsequent semesters.
  • 5th Semester: Students progress to a more advanced inquiry into portraying human behavior in Scene Study III. They are expected to research their ideas and develop more believable characters firmly based in text analysis and research. Students are challenged to assemble a professional quality voice-over demo reel. Writing for Actors is an essential course, which allows students to conceptualize original projects for themselves and create a working script upon which they base a performance.
  • 6th Semester: The overall goal of semester six is to challenge students to grow as artists by exposing them to skills, techniques, and approaches to acting for film that are more specific and complex than those they learned in previous semesters.
  • 7th Semester: Students delve deeper into the study of Humanities in order to develop skills for interpreting and understanding the human condition and of the values inherent in it. The Business of Acting/Audition Technique course guides students through preparing a passport to the industry, in addition to simulating actual casting sessions and mock interviews. Advanced Voice and Speech allows students to find a new level of richness within their vocal instrument and allows for the practice of dialects. Acting Electives will further allow students to explore specialty skills that will enhance their honed acting skills.
  • 8th Semester: In semester eight, multiple feedback and critique sessions are ongoing and intended to focus the student on further mastery of the craft. Students choose an elective to further deepen their knowledge of subjects of interest. The final semester also requires demonstrating readiness for the industry by producing and starring in an advanced, filmed project in Acting for Film IV. Their Thesis Portfolio reveals the breadth of their studies and skills gained. Scene Study IV will prepare them to have their work viewed by industry professionals in a live showcase.

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