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One-Year Hands-on Conservatory Film Program

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Overview of our One-Year Conservatory Film Program

Designed for aspiring filmmakers who wish to learn the fundamentals of filmmaking by actually making and working on films, New York Film Academy South Beach’s One-Year Conservatory Film Program is an immersive, full-time program in which students write, shoot, direct, and edit eight films and serve as a crew member on twenty-eight more. Simply put, to learn filmmaking one must make films and the philosophy of learning by doing is at the heart of this program.

Students work with the Academy’s faculty of professional filmmakers who each come from a different background and possess particular specialties, helping students to become as well-rounded of filmmakers as possible. Furthermore, students have the distinct opportunity to scout locations and film projects throughout Miami, allowing them to deeply explore a city full of culture and character.

Throughout the year, students work on a series of original film projects of increasing difficulty to familiarize them with all aspects of filmmaking. The program culminates in the production of an original final film that each student writes, films, directs, and edits, which is exhibited in a screening that is open to the public.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Skills learned as a result of successful completion of this program include:

  • The ability to work independently and collaboratively in a high-pressure creative environment.
  • An in-depth knowledge of 16mm and High Definition Video camera and motion picture production.
  • A working knowledge of 35mm cameras and 35mm film production.
  • The ability to write and pre-visualize a screenplay.
  • The ability to direct a short film of up to fifteen minutes in length.
  • In-depth experience working as a director, producer, assistant director, director of photography, assistant cameraperson, gaffer, and grip on student productions.
  • Mastery of nonlinear digital editing.
  • Foundational knowledge of film history.
  • Knowledge of aesthetic film theory and experience with practical application of the same.

Semester Breakdown

Based on an academic year, the curriculum is divided into three semesters.

1st Semester: During the first semester, students learn the art and technique of visual storytelling. Courses will encompass all of the disciplines required to create unique short films, which includes directing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing, and working with actors. Emphasis will be placed on using these skills immediately in productions of the student’s creation, with each student writing and directing several short films within the first semester. Through the production of short film, students will practice these skills in the field with stories of their own creation. These projects are critiqued in detail with multiple instructors helping to develop proficiency in the process.

2nd Semester: In the second semester, students are challenged to expand their craft in filmmaking in both aesthetic and technical directions, advancing from their earlier projects in the first semester. Students attend advanced classes that prepare them for production of their film, the production itself, and post-production. Intensive instruction is held in collaborative sync-sound directing exercises and faculty members consult directly with students to help address their areas of interest. In addition, a strong emphasis is placed on the history of film so that students better understand how their own work stands in relation to the cinematic legacy.

3rd Semester: The focus of the third semester is the production of the One Year Final Film, shot in Miami. These projects can be produced on high definition video, 16mm, or 35mm film. Students learn to be valuable collaborators by working on classmates’ projects during the production window. The semester concludes with the editing of the final film, as well as further instruction in post-production editing techniques and marketing.

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