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Financial Aid & Tuition Grant

New York Film Academy South Beach, Florida offers a wide range of opportunities to fund your education at our Miami location. The staff in New York Film Academy South Beach, Florida financial aid office in Miami is available to speak to prospective students and guide them towards their best option for funding along with answering any inquiries having to deal with one’s eligibility or accordance. Scroll down to learn about the different funding options available to students.

New York Film Academy South Beach, Florida Need Based Tuition

New York Film Academy South Beach, Florida provides qualifying students with a Need Based Tuition Discount through our needs based program that aims to reduce the cost in our Miami location’s BFA and MFA programs. In order for students to qualify for the discount, they need to demonstrate their need through documents that can include their parents’ income tax statement if they are dependent or their personal income tax statement if they are independent. In addition, applicants need to write an essay that explains the details of their need for assistance.

Each single application is appraised by the tuition discount administrator in Miami who uses an established set of standards to evaluate the resources available regarding a student’s cost to attend New York Film Academy South Beach, Florida. Before a student begins his or her first semester at New York Film Academy South Beach, Florida, each application is assessed. The tuition discount is given to student for the extent of student’s program in Miami as long as the student upholds acceptable academic development.

The following information is required for each general application:
  • Finished application form.
  • An application essay that is one to two pages in length that details a student’s financial conditions and their need for the discount.
  • Financial documentation that shows a student’s annual household income, including tax returns.
  • Parents’ Financial Documentation if a student is under the age of 26 that illustrates yearly household income, including tax returns. If a tax return is not available, students can provide Social Security documents, W2 forms, or bank statements.

Student Loans

Students may also apply for and use a Private Education Loan in order to finance their tuition and housing costs. Students must be 18 years of age or older, possess good credit, or have a co-signer when applying for a loan to attend our Miami location.

Grants and Scholarships

If a student applies for and is awarded a grant or scholarship for attending our Miami location, New York Film Academy South Beach, Florida will assist in processing it. While there are not many sources with which to finance an arts education, students will find that through substantial research, they are able to discover different grants and scholarships both online and in books.

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