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Two Year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Programs in Miami

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Overview of our MFA Programs

New York Film Academy South Beach is able to offer an accelerated two-year schedule for our MFA programs in in filmmaking and acting for film, with an elongated academic year that features three full-length semesters for each calendar year. Over the course of two years, students are immersed in both the fundamentals and advanced demands of their chosen craft as they follow a curriculum that is designed to emulate the challenges of a professional environment.

Students study in the Academy’s state-of-the-art facilities in Miami while also getting the chance to shoot film throughout the city in order to complete their assignments. In addition, students study with our accomplished faculty of professional filmmakers and actors, who offer an unparalleled vantage point with which to best understand the challenges and realities students will face upon graduation.

Admissions Overview

Students who are interested in applying to the Academy’s Miami location must possess a genuine passion for visual and narrative storytelling, though applicants do not need to have an undergraduate degree in the same subject for which they are applying. However, students applying to an MFA program should have experience in their selected craft and provide a creative portfolio that demonstrates that an applicant will be able to successfully take on graduate-level study and possesses the potential for success in their chosen craft.

Those applying to an MFA program at NYFA South Beach must have a Bachelor’s degree from a post-secondary institution that is recognized by the United States Department of Education. Applicants should have a strong background in storytelling and/or the arts. Although GPA is not a factor in whether a student will be accepted, it is still taken into consideration, though the strength of an applicant’s creative portfolio is a critical element in.

Required Application Materials

Graduate (MFA) applicants must submit the following materials for admission:

  • Completed Graduate Program Application
  • Application Fee
  • Undergraduate Degree Transcript
  • Narrative Statement
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Creative Portfolio
  • Proof of English Proficiency


Students must submit a completed graduate program application. Applications are available online at:


Students must submit a non-refundable $65 application fee, payable online as part of the online application.

Undergraduate Degree Transcript

All students pursuing a graduate degree from the New York Film Academy must submit an official, final undergraduate transcript in order to complete their application.

Hard copies of official transcripts must be mailed to New York Film Academy directly from the undergraduate institution in a sealed envelope.

Students wishing to submit transcripts digitally can do so by contacting their NYFA admissions representative for instructions. Digital transcripts may be submitted using a digital submission service (such as Parchment) or your undergraduate institution’s own digital delivery service.

The New York Film Academy generally does not consider prior experiential learning as a substitute for the transcript requirements described above.

Students earning an undergraduate degree in a foreign country, where a language other than English is the official language, and who are able to produce an original transcript, must have it translated into English by an education evaluation service that offers translation services.

Narrative Statement

In addition to their creative portfolio, students must also submit a 2-3 page narrative statement outlining the applicant's objectives and reasoning for applying to a MFA program at the Academy in Miami. The statement should cover the applicant’s history and experiences in film or acting, and also identify influences and inspirations.


MFA applicants must submit a minimum of three (3) letters of recommendation verifying the applicant’s ability to successfully take on graduate study in the relevant field. Letters must be sealed and stamped, and should be submitted directly to the Admissions Office from the individual writing on the applicant’s behalf.


MFA applicants must submit a portfolio, which may include one or more of the following:
  • 2-3 writing samples that include any original short stories, articles or essays (10-page maximum).
  • 2-3 critical studies essays examining a literary or cinematic work (play, screenplay, television series, film, etc.) (10-page maximum).
  • 5-8 minute reel, short film or excerpt from a film, web series or other video project.
Collaborative material is accepted if the candidate details the exact nature of their contribution to the piece.

All portfolio materials must be submitted with an accompanying description contextualizing the submission and purpose of the project. Portfolio materials will not be returned.


Non-U.S. residents or international applicants, for whom English is not the first or native language), are required to submit proof of English proficiency, in the form of:
  • A TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 550 or higher (213 for computer-based test or 79 for internet-based test); IELTS 6.5 or the equivalent.
  • A report from a valid English Language School verifying completion of course level equivalent to a 550 Paper-based TOEFL Score.
At the start of the first semester, NYFA administers the Accuplacer English Placement Test to further assess students’ English proficiency and assign appropriate English tutoring and academic support, when needed. The Academy recognizes that some applicants with extraordinary artistic ability and scholarly aptitude may benefit from additional mentoring or advising and makes the necessary accommodations to monitor and support students’ academic progress.


Applicants to an MFA program may be asked to be interviewed either by phone or in person by a representative of the Academy. The interviews seek to establish what the objectives are of an applicant along with his or her prior experience. In addition, the interview provides an ideal opportunity for the representative to review the MFA curriculum with an applicant and to make sure that he or she completely comprehends the level of commitment necessary to finish the degree program successfully.


Once admitted to NYFA, students may pay a deposit to secure their place in the MA program. The deposit for all long-term programs (one year or longer) is $500, which is applied towards the first term tuition payment. Most of the deposit is refundable except a $100 administrative processing fee.

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