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Overview of Our Hands-on Photography Workshops

At New York Film Academy South Beach, we have developed a series of short-term photography workshops that focus on immersing aspiring photographers in the essentials and practical realities of photography against the backdrop of the city of Miami. Whether a student aims to develop his or her photographic techniques or test the waters to see if he or she would like to further his or her photographic education, the top photography school will give you a solid and productive foundation in the art of photography.

With our state-of-the-art facilities located in the culturally rich neighborhood of South Beach in Miami, Florida, students have the unparalleled opportunity to shoot projects amongst the gorgeous surroundings of Miami alongside working in a professional studio. Each student will gain exposure to a variety of genres—from fashion photography to photojournalism to portraiture and much more — expanding their portfolio and helping them to become a well-rounded photographer who is comfortable shooting in a variety of styles.

By enrolling in an intensive, hands-on photography course, aspiring photographers will gain the practical experience and know-how that will provide them with a thorough introduction to the craft of photography.

Four-Week Digital Photography Workshop Overview

Over the course of four weeks, students not only gain a thorough foundation in the mechanical and artistic elements of photography, but also earn genuine experience in the practical realities of still photography. Students also learn how to use photography software programs such as Adobe Photoshop to learn editing techniques of how to polish and modify the original images they take.

The curriculum of the 4-Week Workshop is made up of a combination of classroom lectures, instructor-led workshops, and individual projects that will give students experience with shooting in and around Miami and inside a professional photography studio. In the photography classes, students learn how to work with artificial and natural light and how to make split-second decisions that will result in superior photographs. Above all, students are encouraged to develop their own voice in order to create one-of-a-kind images that truly reflect their own original artistic vision.

No prior experience is required to enroll in the 4-Week Digital Photography Workshop.

Please note:
All students are required to bring with them to the photography workshops a digital camera with manual exposure control.


Tuition: $3,978 (USD) +
Equipment + Lab Fee: $276 (USD)

Eight-Week Digital Photography Workshop Overview

Designed for students wishing to make a substantial time commitment to the study of photography, the Eight-Week Digital Photography Workshop is an intensive and demanding workshop that will both immerse photographers in the fundamentals of the craft while helping more experienced photographers to further develop their abilities and skills. Focusing on both the technical and aesthetic aspects required of photography, students will learn the ins and outs of digital photography, from the camera to the necessary software.

Whether a student is interested in fashion photography, photojournalism, fine art photography, or commercial work, the Eight-Week Digital Photography Workshop will introduce aspiring photographers to all of these genres so that they become comfortable with shooting in genres that are outside of their comfort zone. In addition, as the focus of the photography workshop is to provide students with a thorough grounding in the craft of photography while also preparing them to pursue a career in photography, the workshop will be a combination of in-class instruction with faculty-supervised workshops where students will learn what they are taught in the classroom by actually doing it.

At the heart of the workshop is the belief that to learn photography one must actually practice it and students enrolling in the Eight-Week Digital Photography Workshop will receive extensive experience in shooting and creating original photographic images, both in the studio and amongst the background of Miami.

No prior experience is required to enroll in the Eight-Week Digital Photography Workshop.

Please note:
All students are required to bring with them to the photography workshops a digital camera with manual exposure control.


Tuition: $6,410 (USD) +
Equipment + Lab Fee: $552 (USD)

Twelve-Week Evening Digital Photography Workshop

Covering similar ground as the Four-Week Digital Photography Workshop, but designed for students who are busy during the day, the Twelve-Week Evening Digital Workshop focuses on helping aspiring photographers acquire essential photography skills. Through extensive study of the mechanics of a camera, various photography assignments, and analysis of photographs, students gain the confidence and know-how to shoot in a wide variety of styles while gaining greater control over their cameras.

Students learn the technical and artistic demands of photography through classroom instruction in addition to workshops that challenge them to apply the concepts they learn in class to actual assignments. Covering such genres as documentary, fashion, fine art, commercial, street photography, and many others, students not only study the work of notable photographers in each of these genres, but also gain practical experience shooting in this variety of genres and styles. In addition, students and faculty engage in a constructive critique of each other’s work to help each student to develop as an artist and a photographer.

No prior experience is required to enroll in the Twelve-Week Evening Digital Photography Workshop.

Please note:
All students are required to bring with them to the photography workshops a digital camera with manual exposure control.


Tuition: $3,978 (USD) +
Equipment + Lab Fee: $276 (USD)

Location & Available Dates:

Location Available Dates
New York City
Mar 8, 2021 - May 28, 2021
Jun 14, 2021 - Sep 3, 2021
Sep 20, 2021 - Dec 11, 2021
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